Mikey's Mealz was born in 2017, sparked by the vision of our founder, Mikey Crawford, who recognized the need for a delicious & healthy alternative to conventional meal prep. After trying numerous meal prep services, he felt that they all fell short in terms of variety and taste. Mikey's own journey with weight management over the years highlighted the demand for a superior option beyond generic diet plans and uninspiring meals provided by other meal prep companies.

Initially, Mikey began his meal prepping journey as a personal hobby and a means to achieve his own weight-loss goals. However, it didn't take long for him to realize that he had something exceptional to offer to others: his culinary creations through a health-conscious meal prep venture.

"I understood from the start of my weight-loss journey that I needed meal choices that were both sustainable and achievable," Mikey explains. "That's when I embarked on a mission to provide our customers with a better option – meals bursting with flavor, yet perfectly aligned with their health and wellness objectives."

Our primary mission extends beyond delivering scrumptious meals. At Mikey's Mealz, we are dedicated to educating our customers about healthy practices that empower them to lead a healthier lifestyle. Our commitment is to provide "Better Food for a Better Life." We aspire to make every meal an exciting and nutritious step towards improved well-being.